Friday, September 19, 2014

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Helmet for sale...

This will be for sale at the Heavy Heads Art Show on Sept. 27th in Lancaster PA. Go check it out ! All done with Sharpies and airbrushed 1-Shot on flat color Biltwell Gringo helmet  photo heavyheadslidback_zpsd2443d59.jpg  photo heavyheadslidtop1_zps8fdeed25.jpg  photo heavyheadslidtop2_zps1c2096ba.jpg  photo heavyheadslidthreequarter_zps232aca93.jpg  photo heavyheadslidthreequarter2_zps236c9155.jpg  photo heavyheadslidright_zps6c65b9d7.jpg  photo heavyheadslidfront_zps7989532f.jpg  photo heavyheadslidleft_zpsf1efd53e.jpg