Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shirt Designs..

2nd design for Volta...  photo voltablog_zps38010af4.jpg And new design for Heathen...  photo heathenblog_zps4cab8aec.jpg

Makeup Box...

Anything can be painted as long as it stands still long enough...  photo ajbox1_zps8c3c8255.jpg  photo ajbox2_zps63cfb72b.jpg  photo ajbox3_zpsae94758d.jpg  photo ajbox4_zps8192cede.jpg


Here are some complete bike pics of a bike i recently painted...  photo acbike2_zps326606f8.jpg  photo acbike4_zpsf55342cb.jpg  photo acbike9_zpsd8771be7.jpg  photo acbike1_zps63feb7da.jpg

Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Paint...

Some artwork with a flat black finish and gloss black stripes...  photo jatins3_zpsd0fbcafb.jpg  photo jatins2_zps1d9bbc8b.jpg  photo jatins1_zps49c506a8.jpg