Friday, March 29, 2013


Some more gloss black and red fun on a flat finish helmet... All freehand, all 1-Shot  photo rpfinalcloseup2_zps6d0c96a5.jpg  photo rpfinalfront_zps7e392541.jpg  photo rpfinalcloseup_zps4151ea32.jpg  photo rpfinalright_zps8bca2744.jpg  photo rpfinalmiddle_zps08b11566.jpg  photo rpfinalleft_zpsc2a58a33.jpg

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Some t-shirt illustrations for Heathen  photo heathenbiker_zps29b92e3e.jpg  photo heathenshifter_zps7cc11aff.jpg  photo Heathencholoskull_zpsc865c3c8.jpg

Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Horse...

Check out Dennis Fauerbach's bike i painted in the March/April issue.  photo TheHorsecover2013_zpsb5e0c9b0.jpg  photo page1and2blog_zpse8e9141c.jpg  photo page3and4blog_zpsea3cdd4c.jpg

More flamez...

Gloss black flames on a flat black base ? Why not?!! This set is for Nick.  photo nctinstanktop_zpsc2ba11bf.jpg  photo nctinscloseup_zpsa62f2a88.jpg  photo nctinstankright_zpsd217e5a6.jpg  photo nctinstankleft_zps336dba68.jpg  photo nctinsfenders_zps2c97271b.jpg  photo nctinscombo_zps59c1e745.jpg

Saturday, March 9, 2013


With a pinstriped portrait of the owners dog. This one was fun  photo epcombo_zpsd7859343.jpg  photo epleftsidetank_zps3ca57850.jpg  photo eprightsidetank_zpsa29d1c06.jpg  photo epfender_zps10e5588f.jpg

Friday, March 8, 2013

Nothing's safe

Did some artwork on some bathroom cabinet doors. Who said i only have to do bikes. If it stays still long enough it can be painted :)  photo horstcabinetgroup_zpsc02ff4ad.jpg  photo cabinetdetail1_zpsf416f352.jpg  photo cabinetdetail2_zpsccfb6ce7.jpg


These go on a spoiler for a drag strip car. Doing some art on the car as well very soon.  photo jacombo_zps3b598222.jpg  photo jacloseup_zpsbc94fdcc.jpg


 photo fstanktop_zpsf9472367.jpg  photo fstankrightside_zps043f4ad1.jpg  photo fstankcloseup_zps54a7700f.jpg  photo fstankleftside_zps9e9ef887.jpg  photo fsfender1_zps0a2d2a87.jpg  photo fsfender2_zpsd586772a.jpg