Friday, March 21, 2014


Pinstriping done by me, blue basecoat sprayed by customer...  photo jmcomboblog1_zps6a9907f8.jpg  photo jmcomboblog2_zps9d209fcf.jpg

Friday, March 14, 2014

More illustration work..

For Never Again and 5150 Clothing companies  photo nabannerlogoblog_zpsd90c01c6.jpg  photo 5150joker_zpsb6ddea4b.jpg

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Angry Monkey Cycles..

The #3 bike paint all complete  photo dptankleft_zps2c37ecb0.jpg  photo dpcloseup2_zpsc60ecaef.jpg  photo dptankright_zps48db041a.jpg  photo dpcloseup1_zps5e6724b5.jpg  photo dpcloseup3_zpsb8c3aa44.jpg  photo dpcombo_zpsc7e83cc0.jpg  photo dpoilbag2_zps7956ece5.jpg  photo dpoilbag1_zpsed67e538.jpg  photo dpfender_zps66c4e836.jpg

Keep it Simple...

Sometimes you gotta keep it simple  photo dncombo_zps8af7ac82.jpg  photo dntankright_zpsbccce6ca.jpg  photo dnfender_zpsd8f5c0fd.jpg  photo dntankleft_zps7658357f.jpg