Friday, October 18, 2013

Illustration and Design....

Put down the brushes and picked up some Micron pens and went to town. These 2 are for a childs wall mural  photo trex_zps7bc6e88e.jpg  photo robot_zps0353d49f.jpg This one is a re-draw of an old design i did for Never Again. Much better this time around  photo NAskullcandleshieldre-draw2013_zps65f38804.jpg This one is for another shirt design for Volta  photo voltabiker_zps23e5246c.jpg Oh and speaking of Volta...  photo voltaadblog_zps80bfd024.jpg Website will be up soon so you can pre-order shirts. Shirts will be printed will all of these designs in various colors and sizes. Keep your eyes peeled.

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