Saturday, September 14, 2013


Had the pleasure of doing a collaboration with custom painter Kyle Morley from Execution Style Custom Paint. Kyle did all of the silver flake and black base and laying out the lines for me to silver leaf and then pinstripe all of the graphics. Hoping this is one of many for us. Thanx Kyle !  photo kmtinscombo_zps334d4931.jpg  photo kmtanktop2_zps734406a7.jpg  photo kmoilbag2_zpsa0514b3f.jpg  photo kmnoilbag1_zps797c8d0c.jpg  photo kmtankcloseup_zps92ab6bd0.jpg  photo kmtankleft_zps37b80710.jpg  photo kmtankright_zps49844c15.jpg  photo kmtanktop_zpsfedff2d1.jpg

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