Sunday, January 31, 2010


I also recently painted one of those old school milk cans people leave out on their porch or front steps for decoration. Now most people like that they have a rustic or "old" look to them but this particular customer wanted hers to look brand new, but kinda used. So i figured i wouldnt straighten any of it out and leave all the dents and dings in it to leave it looking like it was a little used and decided to custom paint the rest. This person also lives down the shore and has a good portion of her house decorated in a "lighthouse" type motif. So what better way than to paint this to make it look like a lighthouse ! Again the pics dont do it justice because the can has all types of cool pearls thrown in it, some silhouettes of seagulls and some gold leafed numbers that represent her house number. I will hopefully one day get a good pic of it out in the sun so you can see how this thing pops.
Pre-clear :

post clear :

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